What can you learn about psychic abilities from bad sleep

Being a psychic means you should learn something new from events normal people don’t perceive as interesting or important – for example, a sleep. Life is brutal from time to time – especially when you are having problems with sleep such as myself. With time I have learned how to deal with bad sleep and how to apply this knowledge for psychic development.


My problems with sleep looks like this: I’m lying on bad with closed eyes, and I’m having thousands of thoughts and ideas flying in front of my eyes – because of this I can not fall asleep, and I’m turning from one side to another, blah blah blah :). The way I’m dealing with this is very simple – I get up and I’m doing everything to wake up – fully wake up. Then I’m doing an analysis why I can’t fall asleep, and what should I do to fall asleep. And it’s working – voila :).

Because when you’re focusing too much on falling asleep, you’re nearly forcing yourself to do this, and your mind is busy trying to accomplish the task you gave it, while you should relax both your body and mind – whatever you’re doing – psychics, painting, coding etc., forcing yourself is not the path you should walk.

The same thing you can be applied to psychic practice – when you’re practising any kind of skill, but you can’t focus or nothing is working as it should be (few examples: psiwheel isn’t moving, or you can’t feel psychic energies) – stop! Take a short break and analyse your current situation – what are you thinking about, why is it not working, what should you do to make it work etc. Try to convince your subconscious that it will work next time you will try. And don’t force yourself – relax and take it easy. The psiball is not going anywhere :).

After this, when you will try again, things will look different.

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