9 types of people involved in psychic development

Inspired by few articles in web, I decided to write down my classification of people who are involved in psychic development – both directly or indirectly. Please note that this entry have entertainment purpose only and should be read with smile on your face – but few types are real indeed and can be observed among energy practitioners community.


1. Practitioner – a person with open mind, who want to learn something new and that want to boldly go where no one has gone before – at least as long as it will be interesting and original for him or her. Example words: “I wonder what will happen, if…”

2. Noon – ignorance is a blessing – a noon is a person who know nothing about psychics, or at least know something but won’t try to develop these psychic abilities. He will probably accept that you’re practising psychic powers, but will not want to get deeper into this. Example words: “say what? psychics?”

3. Sceptic – he have an open mind and he’s eager to learn new things, but he have to be pointed for specific field of knowledge where he can experiment and learn the truth on his own. Lord – bless this kind, as their pushing science knowledge forward! Example words: “I don’t know, but I intend to find out…”

4. Pseudo-sceptic – he’s the only one who knows the truth but he can’t prove you’re wrong and he’s right – but he will try to force you to his point of view with words like “no proofs, I’m right” and nothing more. Example words: “It doesn’t exist and you’re faking all of this!”

5. Fluffer – aka MoP (Master of Psionics – I think mop in English means the same as in Polish) he don’t know a lot, he don’t have intentions to learn, but he’s trying to show how powerful he is. Example words: “I can lift a train with my eyes, really!”

6. Fluffer, Junior – junior as a beginner – he is a fluffer, but he can be cured if others will be kind enough to teach him, and will be ready to learn. Example words: “Oh…” :)

7. The Seeker – the one who knows – he is driven by passion, he love to learn and he have so complicated personality most often you will think he’s a fanatic ;). He won’t be stopped by you, nor Protoss neither Zerg… Umm, sorry, wrong story ;). He can practice for many years just to learn one simple skills. Example words: “I’ve been lead by my dark passion to find out the truth…”

8. Religious Fanatic – He strongly believes in everything that is written in Bible (or other holy book) and he could kill for protecting the words. If something is not written in such book, then it doesn’t exist and has been made by Satan – wait, if it doesn’t exist, then how can it be made by Satan? If I only knew the answer… Example words: “It don’t exist – and if it exist, then there must be Satan behind all of this…”

9. Psychic Fanatic – Believe it or not, but there are many representative of this type. Mediums, shamans and other “spiritual” guides who will try to create their own sect, as only they know the truth that will save human kind. Example words: “You have to listen to me and I will lead you to spiritual salvation!”

What type are you? I’m definitely “The Seeker” – can’t stop me :). Or maybe you know other types? If you do, please write them down in comments!

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  1. Many of these also apply to the world of psi! The religious fanatic is so true…the “devil is behind it all…” just becomes a worn out excuse to hold back the world of psi.

    PS. I am a professional reader.

    by Al Lane / September 9th 2008

  2. I’m definitely a type 1. No question about it. But I guess you know that already. =)


    by Waldo / September 11th 2008

  3. I’m definitely number one! This is so funny. It brought a smile to my face. A nice thing to wake up to.

    by Fearn / September 13th 2008