Seeing without eyes

At the beginning of 60′ in Russia (Soviet Union in that time) a new psychic ability started to gain popularity – “reading with fingers”. There were people claiming they can read text or recognise colours with closed eyes – just by touching an object with their fingers. Is this possible? My experiences from the last two weeks says: there’s something going on…


During the first years of XIX century, people who believed in Mesmerism were claiming they can read with closed eyes, and their sight senses were “transfer” to other parts of their bodies. This thing is reminding me about “awareness transfer” – which is pretty popular among psychics in OPC. But let’s continue our history lesson ;).

At the beginning of XX century, Russian scientist Leontjew was teaching people how to recognise light rays with the help of hand only, and in 1920 Jules Romains released his book “Seeing without eyes”, in which he was describing a lot of successful experiments with (of course) seeing without eyes. Everything would be forgotten if not Rosa Kuleszowa from Russia – her skills become famous among scientific world of that time.

The best experiments were performed by A.A. Nowomejski from Russia – he was experimenting with his students – as a result of these experiments, he taught them how to recognise colors with closed eyes. I will explain Nowomejski’s teaching methods in another article – right now I want to focus on my own experiences…

I can see dead peop… umm, without eyes

About two weeks ago I’ve started new exercise to develop a simple and engaging card exercise to develop clairvoyance abilities – or at least that was my goal. First some background – I’m taking a card, and with closed eyes I’m trying to “see” what colour is on the card – red, black, hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades.

After two weeks of practising I’ve noticed an interesting thing – when I’m touching the card, I can nearly “see” the color and symbol in the darkness in front of me (my eyes are closed). In most cases, things I see are correct. But at this moment it still might be just pure statistics – I don’t know, I will perform full experiment during weekend. But I’ve noticed one more thing – if card I’m ‘checking’ is joker, I don’t see anything – an emptiness, nothing more. And if card is figure (king or queen etc.) I see too much – a lot of shapes and I can’t decide what colour or symbol is this ;).

Anyway – my experiments and practice sessions continue, if I will learn “what the heck”, I will surely post a guide-to article ;). Until that time – have you ever practice seeing without eyes? Do you believe it’s possible?

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  1. I’ve done a little with this kind of thing, but it was more sensing my surroundings. And I kind of did it by accident – I was looking to expand my field in order to try and get more telepathic signals coming in. And it ended up with me able to vaguely sense shapes around me. Worked better as the objects went into my peripheral vision (experimented with my eyes both open and closed); I could feel the damn things LOOMING.

    I never took it further – no time! We’ll see where it goes if I get a chance. =)


    by Waldo / August 18th 2008

  2. I heard of some guy that could train the blind to see using a similar technique. Except they could read and see in a 360 degree angle !!

    Good luck with the training, I think I might be interested in it too.

    by NeoPsychic / August 19th 2008

  3. I have experimented with this. I basically use RV. I shuffle a deck of those paint testers (from Home Depot or some other place they sell paint) and then pull one out (with closed eyes) and try to tell the color.

    I cant tell between really similar colors (light yellow and white) and I have a lot of trouble doing it in cold water. Warm water is fine.

    by Fearn/ILuvEire / August 20th 2008