Mind over… matter?

A guy told me he is trying to learn how to make a psiball, but he “just can’t feel anything” – so common problem, don’t you think? He told me he is visualising energy forming a shape of a ball but he don’t feel it. So I asked him: “do you move energy, of just visualise it moving?”


There is a difference – for past few years I have learned a very important thing – energy follow thoughts. Visualisation is just a metaphor that should help you achieve your goals. It’s like a translator – it’s translating your human language to the language of PSI energy. But it won’t work, if you will be trying to translate words with no meaning.

When visualising energy, you have to think as well. You know what programming (psychic programming) is? It’s a process of using your thoughts to “force” psychic energy to do something – you think you have never try it? You are wrong – you are forcing psychic energy from your source to form a shape of a ball – it’s nothing more but programming. You are coder, your thoughts are hands over keyboard, and energy is your code – it’s up to you what you’re going to write.

Mind over “matter” – energy follow thoughts – ergo, visualisation is not enough, you need to think what you want to achieve… Of course, “the guy” might just have problem with feeling energy, but that’s a different story ;).

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