Communication with your subconscious – part 1

From about two, maybe three weeks I have very good effects in communicating with my subconscious. There were better and worse moments in the past, but from these few weeks I’m very surprised – in very positive meaning of this word.


“She” (my sub-c) is sending me numbers (don’t ask, I have no idea what for), helping me remembering things, reminding me about things, and telling me things I should know. While I’m just keeping it happy, from time to time doing things “she” want me to do. This is some kind of a symbiosis – sub-c is doing what I want, and I’m doing what “she” want.

Normally a person communicating with subconscious should “know thoughts” and have feelings. Thoughts and feelings/emotions are sub-c’s natural ways of communicating with us. When you will start to hear voices, I recommend to go see a doctor ;). In this place I like to give you an example of how does it “feel” to know what our sub-c is saying to us. You know when you’re reading a book and you’re “whispering” words in your mind? You don’t actually hear words, but you know what they mean. The similar thing happen when communicating with subconscious.

How to communicate with your subconscious?

With time and practice you will be able to talk with your sub-c. Sure, it won’t be very “real”, if you know what I mean, but it will be fast and simple communication. All you have to do is learn to listen. Because subcionscious is talking to you right now – you just don’t hear anything. Normally during a day we are overwhelmed by different, mostly irrelevant thoughts – this is enough to silence your subconscious for good.

Calm down, clear your mind, count from ten to zero – and listen. And that’s all – for now :). One last thing for first part of this article – despiting everything others might say – in learning how to communicate with your subconscious – meditation is really useful. It will help you clear your mind and learn to listen. About meditation I will write another time.

To end this article with some humour – just remember – if you hear voices, go to doctor ;).

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  1. This is an excellent article! Are you going to publish part II any time soon. Is it possible that you can give us some easy exercises to get starting on communicating with our subconscious. Thanks

    by PresentMoment / February 20th 2010

  2. Although I'm not planning another article on subconscious communication any time soon, you have a great idea, I will write an article with exercises :).

    by Mastergreed / February 20th 2010

  3. That sounds great I will look forward to it

    by PresentMoment / February 21st 2010