The Small Steps Technique

You want to learn psychic abilities, you’re sitting in your room in front of your computer, reading all these articles – telepathy, empathy, psychokinesis – “cool” you think. You read more – pinging, scanning, micro, macro, phasing, and then you think “oh my, but there is also meditation, concentration, I should also think about philosophical aspects of psychic development, where to start, what to learn first?!” A lot of stuff and you don’t know what to begin with – but fear not, there is a technique for this – it’s called “Small Steps Technique”.


The Small Steps Technique

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. – Anonymous

This technique can be used in daily life, not only in learning psychics – the point of it is to start with small steps. You can’t build a whole house in a single moment, you have to start with single brick. In psychic development, you have to start with something simple – practice your focus, or make small weak psiball – or at least try to imagine them at first. But then, don’t build roof, but put another brick – try to make a psychic shield or something. Add more bricks, and someday you will have a house. It will be small, but stable. You will be able to move on…

You can now add some curtains to your windows to make your house look from the outside, and you can add some furniture, so it will be more comfortable to live in your house. But you can also build some kind of a summerhouse also, and you can make whole building stronger by adding some buttress. You have learned the basics, and you’re pretty good in more intermediate abilities, but you can return to basics and develop them even further (buttress) – it will make your intermediate skills even stronger.

Step after step – don’t jump, walk slowly and carefully – small steps will let you do simpler things, the more simpler things you will learn, the more simpler intermediate skills will become. And with time, you will find out that it wasn’t too bad ;).

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

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