Developing psychic abilities for impatient people

You have many articles about psychics abilities, and you have learned that it is best to learn skill after skill – to start with something simple like basic like psiball, develop this ability and then move to another, more advanced, develop it, and then move next once again and again and again. Yes, this method is working – for those who are patient enough. But not everyone is, so the question is – how to develop psychic abilities if I’m impatient? I’m very impatient even, and even if I’m trying to be patient, I have troubles with this – so I’ve developed a “technique” for impatient learners.


There is nothing worse thing than monotony – especially in psychic development. You’re practising one single still day by day each day and you barely get any results. As a result, you’re getting tired and disappointed and you may even drop your training. So in order to succeed, you have to find a technique that will suit your impatient personality – a technique that won’t include monotony.

In this “no-name” technique you’re not focusing on single skill – but you’re developing different skills depending on your mood and wish. You’re sick of psiballs? Fine, get a psiwheel and start spinning. You’re bored by trying to ping someone sitting in your room? Go for a bus ride and ping people there. The point is to make your training different each day, so it will be interesting all over the time. Forget about developing one skill for months, make a psiball today if you want to, and try to spin a psiwheel next day. It’s all up to you what you will practice today – as long as you’re practising everyday, you’re on a right path.

It’s little funny, because I guess this technique above is the one for patient people – with it, developing psychic abilities will take much longer because you’re going to jump from one skill to another, without focusing on a single ability for longer time. People learning one skill for hours might seems to be impatient, because they want to learn this skill as fast as they can. Funny, isn’t it? But don’t bother thinking about who is patient and who is not. If you think YOU are impatient, then use this technique – you might be surprised with results.

Are you getting bored with practising single skill for a long time? How are you dealing with this problem? Do you have your own techniques to keep practising when you barely get results? Post your thought in comments.

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