How to learn psychic abilities in 5 simple steps

People love easy things, and they love when they can easily learn these things. That’s why I’ve created this short article, to show you how can you learn psychic powers in 5 simple steps – but know that these steps are easy, learning psychic abilities is not ;). Let’s begin!


1. Discover!

First, you have to learn about existence of psychic abilities – but, I guess if you’re reading this, then you already had. So, let’s move to next point.

2. Believe and accept it

Without believe you can’t learn anything – not psychic abilities, nor riding a bicycle. But learning how to ride a bicycle is easier, much easier, because we see people riding bicycles everyday. Perfect proof, isn’t it? In case of psychic development, it’s difficult to find proofs good enough for you to believe they’re real. But you have to believe that psychic skills exist, and you have to accept it exist. But when you believe and you accept psychic phenomena as reality, you’re another step forward.

3. Learn theory, read stuff

Articles and documents are knowledge – you have to read them in order to understand you can sense others emotions, but you can’t lift train with power of your thoughts. From articles and documents you will learn your limits, and your capabilities. You will learn how to do stuff, how to use it, you will learn techniques, and you will learn about dangers related to psychic abilities. Reading is knowledge, knowledge will become wisdom.

4. Develop your own techniques

Techniques for psychic practice – energy manipulation, psychokinesis, visualization etc. are just metaphors, and purpose of them is to make your mind understand what you want to achieve. Technique as a metaphor is just the way to help your will power achieve goals – so in order to success you have to develop your own techniques that best suited you.

5. Practice!

You can’t learn anything without practice – it’s the same with psychic development. You can practice once a week, once a month, or once a day – more often, the better. If you practice once a day, within a month you might notice a lot of interesting stuff. If you practice once a week, it may take few months to achieve basic goals. But if you don’t practice at all – you won’t achieve anything.

With time, I will write about each point with more details, but for now – use these five simple points! And enjoy!

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  1. Good useful articles. I have to admit that I’m not familiar with the term psionics, though I am familiar with energy, feelings other peoples emotions, thoughts and so forth. I have visualized channeling energy through me, but haven’t tried moving my energy around other than through the spine and chakras. I’ll be giving it a try. Have a great day.

    by Lea / October 26th 2008