Why do you practice psychic abilities? What is your goal?

If you will ask a climber why he is climbing mountains, he will answer “because there are mountains I can climb on.” But when you will ask a psychic why he is practising psychic abilities, will there be the same answer? Because there are skills psychic can learn?


I’m not practising many hours a day, but I’m practising – but why? I can’t lift train into air with psychokinesis ;), but I’m practising – and I think I’m doing this because there are skills I can learn, so why not? There is one other reason for my practice – these skills are rare, millions of people don’t even know about their existence. I can do stuff other people can’t.

When a person is beginning learning a new skill, it is good to set up a goal this person want to achieve. When I first learned about psychics, my goal was to learn psychokinesis on a very advanced level ;). A typical error made by newbies, I guess. Right now my goal is to develop further different skills from a wide range of extra-sensory perception, so I could perceive this world and other people on a higher level.

So those are two main reasons for me to develop psychic abilities – they exist and they can be helpful – and what are your own goals – do you want to give sceptics a proof, maybe you want to impress your friends with flashy abilitie like telekinesis? Or maybe you want to learn more about the world we’re living in using these skills – please, post your comments.

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  1. I wan’t to comment it and I don’t know that I write good ;p Do you remember me? I look for you for long time. I think you’re my friend. I THINK. If you are – please, write back to me. If you aren’t – I’m sorry. Just… ignore it.

    by Natinka / May 6th 2008