What is a poltergeist

We all heard about this – haunted houses, noises, objects flying, temperatures droping, electrical equipment being interfered. I have met many people who asked me this question – “what is a poltergeist”, and I have seen many people describing this “events” – in most cases people were talking about ghosts and spirits. Yet in case of psychic abilities, poltergeist have a different meaning.


Poltergeist consist of two words, and both of them comes from the German. The first one – poltern, means “to knock”, and the second one – geist, means “spirit”. Poltergeist is often translated as “knocking” or “noisy” ghost – and it’s pretty normal, as this world has been… “invented” when people believed in ghosts, and haven’t heard about such things like telekinesis. Today, name “poltergeist” is used to describe spontaneous psychokinesis (an uncontrolled psychokinesis effect or recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis – RSPK) – caused by psychological or emotional problems and changes in case of both adults and teenagers. Research are showing that teenagers during their adolescence are causing most of the poltergeist activity.

Poltergeist events includes moving or throwing small or large objects, creating noises, smells, interfering electronic equipment and telephones etc. In most cases individuals are not aware of being the cause of these disturbances. As an additional information it is worth of mentioning that in case of psychics there is a word “geisting” – this word is describing an event when we are spontaneously using psychokinesis on objects around us.

How to deal with poltergeist

In most cases, this type of paranormal activity is caused by people with emotional tensions and problems, under a lot of stress, sometimes with poor mental and physical health. Hysteria, phobias, obsessions, or schizophrenia may be also included. In such cases, therapy is the best option to choose if we want to stop this activity. Psychologist or physician should be asked for help.

However, even if most cases of poltergeist activity is caused by people, some of these events can’t be explained by “normal” psychics means. Some people say that this small part of poltergeist activity is caused by ghosts or spirits. I can remember when in the night after my father’s funeral a gate to our allotment was pull off from hinges – this gate weight is few hundred kilograms, I wonder how someone could possible pull it off without making any noise. Few strong man were pulling it on back to hinges and I can still hear the noise. This is a mystery for me, yet I’m not saying it was a spirit of my father. This is the problem with spirits causing poltergeist – it’s more difficult to come up with logical explanation, and it is more difficult to solve this problem – because objects flying through your flat is definitely a problem ;).

Poltergeist – weird, yet normal

Poltergeist is a natural part of our life (in my opinion) – caused as a result of problems, can be solved by solving problems. I hope you have some better picture of this activity – but there is one more problem. If you’re causing these events, should you dumb your abilities, or should you learn how to control them and develop them further? What do you think? Post your comments.

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  1. I can’t say that big energy can’t be loosen under pressure to move big objects randomly, but I don’t think something like this can last long enought to film. About 5 years ago I could hardly move a little ball and have poltergeist activity like the moving of my glass when i reached for it. There are worst thing than that like random teleportation of objects and the sudden disappearance of objects. Belive me it’s really bad if you watching TV and put the controller frot of you and in 1 minute it’s not there and you need to switch channels or turn down the volume. :)

    by rawbits / May 9th 2009

  2. Good thing is I’m not watching TV :P

    by Tassadar / May 9th 2009