How To Draw Energy

Psychic energies are like fuel – sometimes you will just burn it out and you will be left with nothing. And because psychic energies are fuel for power our psychic abilities, without energy you can’t do a lot of stuff – that is why drawing energy from your surrounding area is a very important skill in psychics. But before you move to drawing energy, you should learn some basics – visualization and energy manipulation. Both articles are describing this matter in a very basic way – but that’s enough.


So, the very first thing to begin with is your mind. Thoughts, to be more specific – you need to know that psychic energy is everywhere around you – everywhere. You don’t need to know how does it looks like or how does it feel like. All you have to know is “the energy is out there”. And we want it here, not out there :). For additional information, you might be interested in this article. Drawing energy is very simple skill – in theory. Nonetheless, it requires a lot of practice, as every psychic skill. The first step in drawing the energy is to become aware that it’s there – in ground, air, other people etc. Once you are aware of this energy, you can move to the next step.

“See The Energy”

You can’t really see the energy. Sure, there are things like flaring, but this stuff is extremely rare. I’m not sure of my own flaring in the past. It could have be flaring, or not. Anyway, if you can’t see your energy, you can visualize it – so merge both articles about visualization and energy manipulation, develop your own technique and “see” the psychic energy around you.

Now, you can draw it – here is where you’re combining visualization, energy manipulation and your own thoughts to accomplish your goal. First, you’ve learned that the energy is around you, you have visualized it, now you have to know this is the energy you want to draw – when you will know this, the “look” of this energy won’t matter, because it will be a simple metaphor for you. Once you know what is out there, you have to begun pulling it towards you – visualize this energy and think about it closing to you – let it pass your skin and enter your body, visualize it filling your body. Voila!

Is That It?

Well, not exactly. You have visualized your energy, and you have drawn it. But still you have to feel it, and this is a different story. Right now I would like to talk about visualization a bit more. Some people visualize energy as flames, or waterfall around their bodies – those are pretty good methods. I prefer sometimes imagining it as a wind blowing to my face (not only face) and filling my whole body. Other people have their own technique. As you can see, coming up with your own technique is important. We don’t think the same way, and we don’t like the same things, and not every method is working in our case. So, experiment on your own, and try to find the method of visualising your energy that will give you best results. Take your time and remember two things: there is no rush, and practice, practice, practice…

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