You are psychic, but you have to tune in…

In his previous entry Mr. Connelly wrote that everyone of us is psychic right now. I was thinking about it and I come up with idea for another entry :). I guess I won’t write anything new here, but you never know…


So, as Sean said, you are psychic right now, and these abilities are within you, located somewhere deep inside your mind. All you have to do is to understand this and start practising. I’ve found a post by Erin Pavlina about this matter, and she wrote that ‘being psychic was like tuning into a radio’. Well, if we will considerate radio waves as psychic energy, then yes – I have to agree. Two persons already said about this, but I can see some people still don’t understand.

You ARE psychic

Whatever you want it or not, you are a psychic being, and you have these abilities. You experience paranormal events, you can here your subconscious, you can sense the energy. You can to all of this – the problem is, you’re not paying enough attention. People today are busy with work, school, friends blah blah. They don’t have time to notice all of this psychic stuff, they’re trying to dampen their abilities – or more to say, they have done this when they were kids, now they have nothing to dampen any more.

So what, in order to develop psychic abilities should you stop working, leave school and forget about your friends? Nope – you have to start noticing this subtle paranormal world around you. Meditation or centring will help. But what is more important is practice. You have to practice each day – make a psiball, do some energy manipulation, read something about psychics, try to scan someone, play with psychometry on objects – it doesn’t matter if you can’t feel anything or learn anything at the beginning. When you will try to learn how to draw, you won’t make a great cartoon at the very beginning.

Energy around your

You need to know that psychic energy is everywhere around you and within you – you don’t need to create it, you don’t need to see it – all you have to do is to learn how to sense it, and how to manipulate it. Therefore, energy work each day is important – because it will teach you how to manipulate energy and how to sense it – this is the very basic element of psychic development practice and you just can’t study psychic development without it. You are this radio Erin was talking about, and energy is radio waves – you have to tune in…

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