Good time to start developing psychic abilities – my current understanding

I wrote about this some time ago, but I will write it again – Sean Connelly said (I guess it was him) that when it comes to learning psychics everyone younger than fourteen should focus on being kind and having fun. Few days ago I would agree with this, but right now I think, that everyone younger that eighteen should not think about psychic development at all. Well, sort of, but allow me to explain…


Why do I think so? Because I was able to observe other people (different ages), as well as observe myself during many years of my life :). When you’re becoming more mature, you’re going back to the past, analysing it and “draw findings”. I’m not saying I’m SO mature, but at least I’m more than few months ago. But, let’s go back to main topic.

Young, immature mind is easily getting bored, it has problems with focusing on things, problems with setting goals, it has weak will. Kids and young people are often thinking: “right now, right here”, instead of “in the future”. When it comes to psychics and psychic abilities, these young people want to see results immediately (which is of course impossible). Without results, they’re getting frustrated, as a result – they’re stopping their training.

Everyone who have ever worked with childrens know how inpatient they can be. I believe young people have problems with learning anything mainly because they’re young – they are full of energy, they want to be active, while learning math, physics or psychic abilities, requires a lot of patient and focus – these elements are hard to achieve by young people. Don’t understand me wrong – if you really like something, you won’t have problems learning it. But to be honest – how many of you like math? I don’t :). The problem is, that if you don’t like something, it will be difficult to learn it. That’s why having fun when learning psychic abilities is so important.

In the opposite, mature mind can set up his goals, be determined, focus on achieving goals, and find motivation to keep doing something. It’s completely different mind and way of thinking. I know this because few months ago I had troubles with focusing on one thing, I was inpatient etc. Generally, my mind and way of thinking was too young to learn psychic skills the way I wanted. But now, perception have changed, way of thinking is different, and psychic development seems a lot easier. I believe because I am aware of my thoughts, my personality, and I know how to find new methods “forcing” me to keep practising. I can finally recognise my ‘inner’ problems, and with this knowledge I can solve them.

When to start learning psychics?

It doesn’t matter if your body is fourteen, of fourty – it all depends on how mature/immature is your mind and your personality. I guess everyone older than fourteen knows the differences between boy and girl. No, I’m not talking about physical differences, but about mental ones. In most cases, girls become mature much sooner than boys. But there is no rule for that, so don’t worry :). I’m writing about this, as I want to say, that girls have less problems with learning something in school – it’s the same with psychics. Let’s say this, females are more responsible than males ;).

But, the question is ‘when?’ In my opinion, you should start learning and practising psychic abilities when you’re ready to – when your mind will be mature enough, when you will be aware of your own thoughts, when you will be able to recognise your problems and your own personality. Otherwise, learning psychics might be very difficult.

In your opinion, what do you think is the right age to start practising psychics? Post your comments.

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