You don’t need to know how psychic abilities works

Basically, there are two main types of people – these who want to learn and use stuff, and these who additionally want to learn how this stuff works. But, when practising psychic development, it is important to learn one thing: you’re learning stuff, and you’re not learning how stuff works. There is a difference… This “difference” is reminding me a interesting quote:


Do you know how electricity works? I don’t know how electricity works… But I know you can use it to cook man’s dinner… And you can also cook the man.

This quote by Bob Proctor comes from book “The Secret” (which I highly recommend for everyone). In my opinion this quote is the essence of this post – not everyone knows how electricity works, but every reader of this blog knows he can use electricity for many things.

9. You don’t need to know how psychics works to practice it.

You need to set up your goals – and your goal is to learn a skill. Therefore, you need to focus on learning this skill, and forget about everything other. Leave this whole scientific stuff to professionals and scientists. Because when you will be wondering how psychokinesis works, you will have troubles with focusing on your feelings, and objects you want to move, therefore – you might have troubles learning psychokinesis.

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