Beginning psychic development – first things to learn

So you have learned about psychics, you believe these abilities are real, and you want to learn them. But you don’t know what to learn first. So listen careful newbies, as you’re the target of this article.


First of all, you need to know that practising psychic development is very hard work – but it’s not impossible – you can learn it, as well as everyone can learn this stuff. Also, you don’t need to buy any expensive books or taking paid psychic classes – knowledge is free, and you can find everything you need to know on just one website – Of course, you can stay here and you will also learn a lot of things ;). You can also read totally free ebook – Playful Psychic. The truth is – these books like “Learn psychic powers within a week” won’t really help you.

Next thing you need to know is that learning psychic abilities will take time – months, even years. You can’t learn these skills within a week (as long as you’re not super-powerful mutant). In order to learn psychic abilities, you will need to read a lot, and practice even more. Because in psychic development – practice is the key. You can become master in theory, but you won’t learn practical skills without practising them…

Now, let’s get to practice – it is important to start small. If you’re total newbie to psychic abilities, then do not even try psychokinesis – you won’t get results. You need to begun with energy manipulations, and psiballs. Read my article about energy manipulation and it will give you some basic information. Such “training” will help you learn how to move, and how to sense psychic energy. After learning psiballs (month, maybe two months of practice), you can start learning shields, and then some Extra-Sensory Perception, constructs programming etc. Psychokinesis is difficult, and it really don’t have any practical uses – so forget about it for now :).

This is it – the very, very basics information on how to start practising/learning psychic abilities. I hope this short article was useful – now start practising – because in psychic development practice is the key.

And for all those, who have few years of experience – how did you start your psychic development practice? When was it, how old were you, what was the first skill you’ve learned?

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