Guide to types of psychic abilities

Many people, especially newbies in psychics, is asking the same popular question – what are the types of psychics abilities, how can we divide them? To help everyone who is still looking for answer to this question, I’ve decided to publish this short article about types of psychic abilities. Please note, that those are “types by Nathan” – it’s my point of view, therefore – other psychics may not agree with it. Now, let’s get to business…


There’s a revised version of this article, check out 25 types of psychic abilities.

Types of psychic abilities

Basically, we can divide psychic abilities into two main types: Perception and Alteration. Every psychic ability out there can be count it to one of these two main types.


First type – perception – is just a perception of different information, using this “sixth sense”, or “psi factor” to receive them. This type include abilities such as telepathy, empathy, precognition, different types of clairvoyance, or even such things like sensing spirits and other energies, aura sight or simply “knowing things” ;). This type can be also known as Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), or if we want to be more scientific – Anomalous Cognition.


These abilities are just altering the world around us – in many ways. We can include here psychic abilities such as psychokinesis/telekinesis, or energy manipulation (psiballs, constructs, shields), healing, or psychic attacks (unfortunately). This category of psychics skills also includes poltergeist effect – spontaneous psychokinesis.

And most probably, that is all – pretty simple. I hope this basic guide to types of psychic abilities was helpful – it should be ;).

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