5 Things you should know about psychic development

Psychic abilities are normal skills. We’re learning them just like learning how to ride a bike. I’m sure everyone will say different things about riding a bike, as everyone perceive our world in a different way. Yet some people’s experiences are similar and they can help others learning how to ride this bike. So learn upon my experiences pointed out in this entry.


1. To much practice will give you headache.

Maurio said that he have headaches when not practising – an interesting way to keep practising, don’t you think? I experience headaches if I practice too much – or more than that, when I’m pushing too much. If you get yourself s headache, then your organism is saying “enough, I need a break!” Pain is a natural body reaction, it’s a organism’s method to say “whops, watch out – you’re reaching my limits” and “hey, this is dangerous”. So if you feel pain, take a break – really.

2. It’s good to read something before practising.

Something psychic-related, to be more specific. It’s my way for maintaining the practice schedule, a preparation method – I’m entering this world of psychics, I’m creating specific psychics state of mind.

3. If you’re tired, you won’t make progress.

This is pretty simple – if you’re tired, you have a bad mood, you’re lazy, you don’t want to do anything – don’t force yourself yo practice, because you won’t make any progress anyway. Instead of making another psiball – just relax.

4. If you eat too much, your body will be busy – not good.

Many have said that good diet with a lot of potassium etc. is good for psychic development. But you need to know – if you eat too much and you are full (literally), your body will be busy with digestion of this whole food, you will “feel” it inside of your stomach, you won’t be able to focus, and your body will simple run out of energy because it need to do something with this dinner, right? Therefore, too much food = not good for psychics.

5. It’s good to take a break.

Especially at the very beginning of your adventure with psychic development. You need to maintaining your practice schedule, but if you’re just starting learning psychic abilities, then once or twice a week you can take a break – let your body have some time to get used to higher levels of psychic energies. Use this break also for relaxing your mind. Forget about psychics and do something fun. With time you won’t require many breaks, maybe you won’t need them at all – but it’s good to take a break – when you feel bad, you have bad mood, you’re ill or something. But if you feel good – then don’t be a lazy, and practice. You’re practising everyday because you can then take a break when you’re ill ;).

Maybe someone will find these information helpful. And what are your own advices for psychics practice? Post them!

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