Setting goals in life and psychic development

Try to imagine yourself a book, in which – on every single page – goals of your life are written, starting with a day you were born, and ending with a day of you dead. It is your life written on paper: pass the exam => eat the dinner => go sleep => wake up => go to work => (…) => find a girl => (…) => etc.. Every single moment of your life is in this book, you know everything you want to do, and everything you will do, and finally everything you have done. Whoh, that is a scary idea, isn’t it?


Personally, I would never want to read such book. But, I believe setting goals in your life is needed. I’m setting them myself all over the time – I want to promote my blog, I want to earn more money, I want to get “this book”, I want to talk to “this” girl, etc. Every time I’m setting goals. When you’re setting your goals, you actually know what you want to do or to have. It’s making things easier, because after reaching your goals, you can say “it is my success”.

I will tell you how it looks like in my case. When I’m going sleep, I’m setting goals for next day – I’m telling myself “tomorrow I’m going to write another entry on my blog”. Sometimes I’m telling myself “this weekend I will go for a trip”, and “after tomorrow I will pass my exam”. Those are my normal goals I’m setting for myself. I’m living from goal to goal, from task to task. Don’t understand me bad – I like this way and I believe I have a good life – or at least – I like my life :).

Also, setting a goal is helping your subconscious and the whole universe (according to the law of attraction) give you what you want. It’s pretty simple – if someone want you give him something, you can’t do this, as long as you don’t know what he want. You know what I’m saying? So ask yourself now – what are your goals, what do you really want? Is it a girl? Is it a car? Is is your own talkshow in NBC? Come on, ask yourself these questions and answer them.

Relations to psychic development

Why do you practice psychic abilities? And what do you want to achieve in psychics? Set up your psychics goal. Tell youself “Within a month I will be rolling a pencil using psychokinesis” or “I will be practising psiballs each day for month”. Start with simple things – if you’re a total newbie to psychics, then make psiball your goal, instead of “psychokinesis within a week” – start simple.

It will help you in your psychics practice – from theory to psiball, from psiball to shields, from shields to psychokinesis – from goal to goal.

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