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I was preparing to write this post from nearly a week, and I would be probably still “preparing”, if I wouldn’t have a nice chat with Sarah from This will be a post about psychics websites, as well as about psychics practice and psychics themselves.


A lot of people is creating their very own websites related to psychic development, and when they do, they are most probably starting out with main site, forum and chat. There are no articles, no content, yet every single technical element of the website is working ;). Then people are wondering why there are not users on their sites. Well, primary mistake they’re doing is they are focusing too much on technical issues, and not enough on the content. Once again – content is the king.

People are doing similar mistake when it comes to psychic development. They have just learned about the existence of psychic abilities, and yet, after reading their very first article, they are trying to do psychokinesis. Of course, unless they are born psychokinetics, they can’t move anything :). Then they will probably forget about psychics, because “this stuff is not working”. Yep – you’re right, you are absolutely correct – you can’t win a car race, if you don’t know how to drive.

People tend to do too much, too fast – they want to achieve too much, too early. This is not the way this world is working… I have done the same mistake – well, I’m still making it. So learn upon my mistakes. Always start simple…

In psychic development, start with a basic energy manipulation or with a simple psiball. Get to psychokinesis after a year of practising. Before starting your own corporation, create a small local company. Before making huge psychics portal, first make a small blog, then add a small forum based on Vanilla (whoh, it’s really simple – I’m telling this to you as your friendly technical advisor). I’ll tell you something, if I would have opportunity to start again, I would begun with A State of Mind blog, not with polish psychic development website.

But you know me – I like big things and big ideas. But unless you’re as crazy as me – start simple…

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