Money, The Law of Attraction and gratitude

In my adventure with the Law of Attraction, I recently understood how important is gratitude. Some time ago, I was saying “thank you” many times each day, and everything was ok – I felt good. Then, the time of exams at University came, I forgot to be thankful for everything, as an effect – a crisis came.


I didn’t have money, I wasn’t able to focus on learning, I felt really bad. And about a week ago, I woke up, and I said “thank you for passing all of my exams”. I realised it wasn’t so bad at all (my first year at University, yay!), next day I was thankful for dinner (it’s so small thing, right), for new comment on my blog, for few cents earned by AdSense. And then, I understood – as long as I’m thankful for something, I feel good, and more good things come up to me, so I could be thankful for them.

In the last week I’ve earned more than a hundred ($100) dollars – by AdSense, through web auctions, and thanks to one guy who donated for the Archives (I’m not sure if he want to be mentioned in this entry, but if he want, then comments, comments hah). I feel good, happy and rich :D. So, everyday be thankful for something – for something simple, like a good dinner, like one dollar found on the street, for a nice chat with a girl, with one comment on your blog etc. Trust me, more good things will come to your life. The Law of Attraction is really working.

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