8 Tips for Psychic Practice

Everyone is saying “if you want to achieve something in psychic development, then you need to practice, practice, practice”. But in many cases it’s difficult to actually learn how to keep practising, there aren’t many articles related to this, most of them are just repeating “practice, practice, practice” – I know this as The Archivist – in my life I’m read about three hundreds (300) psychics-related, typical how-to articles. That is why I’m writing this entry – get ready for 8 Tips for Psychic Practice.


Tip 1. Create a “schedule”

This is pretty common tip for psychic practitioners – you don’t need to write in tables “4.00 pm – practising telepathy : 5.00 pm – practising psychokinesis”, but you should to know “Ok, it’s 9.00 pm, I should be practising”.

Tip 2. Keep a psychics journal

A normal, paper psychic journal is good, “electronic” journal is also good (I mean – blog). For example, I have two “journals”, first is a normal paper one, while A State of Mind is a electronic version. Yet while on ASoM I’m writing on specific topics related to psychics, in my paper journal I’m writing about nearly everything weird that is interesting me – such as Runes, ghosts etc. Such journal will help you in noticing some things and remembering them. And with time it’s also a good book :).

Tip 3. Read everything about the ability you want to learn

If you want to learn how to make psiballs, then read about them – every article, forum/blog post, just everything. It will give you motivation, knowledge, and will help your subconscious accept this stuff. Read about everything psychics-related and paranormal-related.

Tip 4. Don’t just practice – learn to think like a Psychic

It’s actually one of my “rules of psychic development” – I’ve wrote about it here. Think about psychic abilities, about paranormal etc.

Tip 5. Daydream about these abilities, use them all the time

If you want to move something, first try to move it using psychokinesis. Try to sense what other think about, try to sense others emotions, try to predict what will happend in few next minutes, try to sense who is in the room before you will get in, etc. Try to imagine yourself using these abilities in whole day in different situations.

Tip 6. You don’t need to know how psychic abilities work in order to use it

Do not focus on learning how this stuff works – leave this for experts and advanced psychics, your task is to learn these abilities, not to discover how they work.

Tip 7. If you aren’t having fun, you won’t make progress

If practising is not fun, if it’s making you tired and border, then you’re not going to make any progress. Have fun, stay enthusiastic about learning these skills.

Tip 8. If you’re tired/bored, then take a break

Sometimes you should take a break, rest for a day or two from psychics – it will help you gather strength, and become enthusiastic once again. There’s nothing wrong in taking a break :)

This is it – I hope some of these tips will help you.

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