Let’s bend some forks

This is a guest entry written by Pkero.

Well, I’ve officially bent a fork. The things you can do with psychics are truly amazing. About a month ago, my friend Caleb/Psihoenix found Fork-you.com through PsiPog.net. I’d never really given it a full-on try, but I really wanted to today. Mainly because I showed my girlfriend Fork-you, and she thought I was crazy for believing in psychics. Even after the numerous videos and pictures of fork-bending, she wasn’t convinced. Seeing, as it seems, is not always believing. So I decided to bend a fork for myself.


There’s a huge difference between seeing a fork being bent and doing it for yourself. Firstly, you get quite frustrated if you don’t do it right away, as with everything. I started with a pretty basic fork. Kind of small. It was the first one I picked out of the silverware drawer. I went into my attic, where it’s quietest, and began focusing. Envisioning the ball of limitless energy, the link between it and my forehead. The familiar feeling of energy rushing to my fingertips as if to make a psi ball. However, the focus was a fork, and so I didn’t really get the energy into it. Following the technique, I opened my eyes and shouted at the fork. “BEND! BEND! BEND!”

As with the next step, I needed to get distracted. So I got on YouTube and watched The Lorax, since I needed to do it for science class anyways. Focusing and taking in each word from the silly Dr. Seuss special, I gently began to bend the fork in my hand. It felt like metal, but it didn’t put up nearly as much resistance as it should have. I managed to bend it all the way back. I lost focus on the Lorax and my jaw dropped. Regaining myself, I kept going. The second time around, I had a little success bending it to the left. Same with the third. And on the fourth, I bent it over to the left enough to twist it. Still focusing on the Lorax, I bent it back farther. The end result is here for your viewing pleasure.

Fork bend by pKero

All in all, I’m glad I was successful in this endeavor. My only worry is that my parents will find this fork. Try to buy your own forks if you can, because otherwise, you’re going to end up with a house full of twisted and bent silverware.

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  1. In my whole life I have bend a spoon only once. In future I should make a wall in my room a “display” :)

    by Tassadar / March 7th 2008

  2. We used to have silverware like that. We replaced it all awhile ago, but I’m going to ask my parents if we have it lying around anywhere. I need more stuff to bend. Those forks are really small and we only have 3 in the house after the two I bent. I’ll post the other one tonight. It’s not as tight a loop, but it’s bent in different ways and looks cooler in general. ;D

    by Pkero / March 7th 2008

  3. i just started trying to bend silverware, and i think i kind of almost bent a spoon once. but any who i’m gonna keep trying, and i’ll be sure to tell you guys if i get any ferther

    by T-Shane / August 15th 2008