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A Visual Guide to Energy Manipulation

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Nearly everything in psychics practice is related (more or less) to energy manipulation. By energy manipulation we understand moving, transfering and basically manipulating different types of energies, such as for example psychic energies. In my opinion in order to manipulate energy, you don’t need to know what this energy is, or what type of energy you’re manipulating. This is just “energy”, keep this in your mind, leave scientific explanations to “pro-psychics” such as ErikJDurwoodII, and focus on manipulating this energy…

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So how to actually do this “manipulation”? Well, everyone has a different technique – in my technique there are basically two elements: visualization and thoughts. The first element: visualization, is pretty simple – you need to visualize (or imagine) yourself this psychic energy. Take a look at the following image:

Three phases of energy manipulation

Three phases of energy manipulation

There is energy all around you all over the time. This is showed as “phase 1”. This energy is within your body, and around it, slightly hovering for about two centimeters (sorry, I’m in Poland, there’s no inches here) above your body. So basically, all you need to know to do some little “manipulation” is to visualize your own psychic energy gathering in your hand – this is showed at picture two as “phase 2”. By visualising this energy moving from your entire body to your hand, you’re really moving this energy (or at least you should move it). This “energy transfer” will make your hand full of energy, yet your body will still have some slightly levels of… energy within it – psychic energy is like air – you can’t breath out all air from your lungs.

So visualization is a primary element of manipulating energies. The second element is thoughts. It’s very simple, once you have visualize your energy moving towards your hand, you need to know this energy has been “transfered” into your hand. Don’t just visualize, know you have move your energy.

Pretty “popular” question among newbies is “how do I imagine this energy, how does it look like?” My answer is simple – psychic energy look like you want it to look. For example, I prefer imagining a kind of a mist or some liquid, glowing green, blue or yellow. You can imagine energy like a liquid, electricity, simple color, fire or anything you want. You see, visualising energies is just a metaphor – it’s not really important how does this energy looks like, it’s important that you know “this is psychic energy”.

Exhaustion & Overload - a graphical vision

Exhaustion & Overload - a graphical vision

The above picture is a simple graphical representation of energy overload and exhaustion. Maybe it will help you in getting better picture.

So remember – visualization is a metaphor, thoughts are really important. At the beginning, you might not feel anything – but in my opinion energy manipulation is not about feeling energy, it’s about manipulating it. With time and practice, after long sessions of manipulation, you will feel your energy, so don’t worry and practice. Practice, practice and practice…

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Post published: March 7th, 2008

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  1. i have a question..tonight i was juz sitting around as usual..with my laptop on me and my boyfriend came over to touch me and i first felt something strange.. when i touch him it feels like a slight vibration..but he said he feels it from me..he can feel the electricity thru my body.. i thought it was juz my laptop.. when i take it off.. its gone.. when i put his laptop on top of me even..within seconds it back.. and it only works on me… so i tired again.. i feel it stronger on my fingertips.. he touches me again..and again i n him can both feel the electricity running thru me.. im not sure what it is.. can anyone tell me? the thing is,i feel normal..and the more i think of it.its stronger n stronger in my body.

  2. In my opinion it’s very normal, I had few “shocking” friends too. If I were you, I would look for the answer on some medical websites, as it is more a medical trivia, than psionics phenomenon.

  3. If im angry or mad, i can feel my self get overloaded with this energy, When this happens, lights begin to flicker, on and off. Can u help me.

  4. @Alex,
    You have to ground yourself, imagine “energy roots” coming out of your feets into the ground and visualize energies moving through these roots into the ground. You should feel the difference.

    Other method of grounding is grabbing some grounded object (i.e. anything metal sticked into ground).

  5. I read the article above laying in bed so i started to visulise and focus. During this my hand went from flat to like i was gripping a dodgeball and i kept on seeing different images in my head like different people then i got dizzy so i had to open my eyes! Please tell my wtf happend!

  6. I red the article and tryed it out. My hand scrunched up while focasing and i began to see things like people i no and colors apered then i got dizzy?! Plz tell me what happened and how i can control it if it is something

  7. I have a question. I want to be able to have full control of my energy and i want to be able to push it out of my body. How would i begin in controlling the energy and having that ability?

  8. Even if it sounds trivial, practise is the only way to do so. Energy manipulation is nothing more than a visualization and hundreds of hours of practise. If you want to be in control, you have to practice, practise and once again practise. That is why all these psiballs, Bronnikov techniques, Qigong and other energy manipulation exercises are so important, and there is no better answer to your question.

  9. ok i was studying what you said and had a very very open mind, i was always very open minded and almost knew as a fact psionics were real, can you explain this phenomenon, i was focusing my energy in both my hands and as i was placing them facing each other and imagining as my energy was mixing in between my hands and i was in my head hearing not only a strong vibration but also in my hands started to kind of feel quite a bit more power now, ive just begun psionics and everything in my room was completely quiet i was wondering if i am truely getting it or im just hearing things

  10. Sounds or lack of sounds is a typical reaction during greater focus, and these feelings you had are natural reaction when it comes to manipulating psychic energies – very normal reaction and very good reaction, it means you have achieved your first success in energy manipulation :)

  11. Is it possible when you are more advanced to use your energy manipulation to help heal and strengthen a person.

  12. Yes, psychic healing is based on energy manipulation, check out PsiPog forums and Shited Perspectives for articles on this subject.

  13. i have a question ever since i was young i was able to see other peoples aura’s, i eventually figured out i was seeing energy and was able see see my own by focusing my thoughts on it, im having trouble trying to see it leave my body , i can fell it leaving me, but i cant see it

  14. First: please capitalize, OK? We’re all adults here, so act like one ;).
    Second: what’s the question?

  15. are u guys serious? auras? shocks? lights flick on 'n' off cause of anger?…..is this like cliche central?
    i've been to may "psi" sites and you all say the same stuff: same powers, techniques, results. if your telling the truth how come nobody can prove " psi" for sure? and if your lying why do that? sorry for being such a skeptic but i tried this "psi" stuff and call me impatient but after 3 days of no results i gave up. i don't anyone who can do this psi stuff but if u know a method that would work for me lemme know

  16. If you won't get results after 6 months, then you can write things like that, in other case you're just inpatient and as all people on this planet you want to get everything right now…

    As for proofs, I advice to get some books of Dean Radin, he will show you proofs.

  17. woah..this is new…a reply! this is the first site that's actually replied. lol. i'll try your tech for 6 months, if nothing happens then i'm probably energy retarded or something. Do you think there's really people out there that can turn lights on and off cause of their energy manipulation? like i dunno X-men? oh yeah dean radin looks interesting, thanks a lot.

  18. X-Man is a story for kids and pure fiction. But turning lights on and off with psychokinesis, people on old PsiPog used to say they can do this, experiments were performed with success, and its an often event during poltergeist, not mentioning hundreds of thousands of experiences reported to such organisations like SPR or Rhine Research, so yes – both me and researchers consider this as a real possibility.

    As for "this is new" – I've read things, I've seen things both esoteric and scientific, so I don't have problems replying that there are research, there are proofs, the only thing people forget about is the will to look around for more than 5 seconds…