Why people like psychokinesis so much?

Good question, isn’t it? Why people like psychokinesis (or telekinesis, depends on your “spelling”) so much? Every person I’ve met was so interested in this skill and I really don’t understood why, probably until this entry :).


And the answer is…

I can remember when I was a total newbie to psychic development (umm… dummie?) – times when I didn’t known what psiball is, not to mention practising (around 2003 I guess). In that time I was interested in psychokinesis as well. Why so? Because (scary music in the background)… it is definitely a flashy ability. Hey, not everyday you can see guy bending spoons or spinning a paper on pin with powers of his mind, right? So, this is first reason.

The second reason is also very simple. With such cool skill you can easily impress your friends (or enemies… or girls). So when someone is learning psychokinesis he is thinking “ok, I will learn it, I will show it to people, they will start to like me, I will give the world proof for psychokinesis and I will be reach”. Or “maybe I will just crush my enemies”. Let us say this – majority of newbies in psychic development is thinking this way. I was thinking this way. So psychokinesis is definitely a flashy skill that could be used to impress friends, crush enemies and earn money – simple, huh? Umm… well, maybe for newbies :).

My current understanding

How do I think now? Well, things changed. Right now I think psychokinesis is just an add-on to psychic abilities. It’s a cool skill indeed and could be useful – if you’re “that” advanced, but that’s all. For me, psychic abilities are telepathy, remote viewing, energy sensing, empathy – abilities that can help me understand people and our world. Psychokinesis won’t help me in this.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. *rasp* Power…’tis the power. For me, it would make me feel better about myself whether I show it off or not. And I know I wouldn’t show it off, ’cause I would like the feeling of “I know something you don’t” with a secret smile on my face. I’m like Sylar a bit, I want the power for its own sake and would want to see how far I can go…So far I’ve only managed to nudge a custom-made pendulum and haven’t used any special methods apart from my concentration and persistence.

    by Psikid / July 17th 2008

  2. Welcome on A State of Mind, Psikid – now, back to business ;)

    I’m not sure if spinning a psi-wheel or pencil is enough to talk about “power” – unless you’re mean “ability” instead of “strength”…

    by Thion / July 17th 2008

  3. Well, I personally do psychokinesis most because it gives a visual feedback that things like energy manipulation just can’t give. Also it’s easier for me to doubt things I’m picking up while attempting other skills. Not to mention, while doing PK I feel a certain ‘ High ‘ that I just cant get while practicing other psychic abilities.

    -SaintBob- ( From Psionicsonline.net )

    by SaintBob / April 23rd 2010