Think like a psychic to become one

I’ve said it on many occasions, but I will say it again in the first article from new series “Rules of Psionics”. Some of you may not agree with me, but in my opionion one will learn psychics only if he want to learn, and only if he will learn how to think like a Psion. So this is the first rule of psychics:


1. Don’t just practice – learn to think like a Psychic

For example, I’m not just coding, I’m thinking like a coder. Even if I’m still just a beginner and I don’t know everything about coding, I’m thinking about coding everytime – when I wake up, when I go to sleep, when I’m at university etc. And I’m not “just watching science fiction”, I’m thinking like a reviews writter.

And I’m not just practising (well – at least I’m back into practice – it’s not much but always something) – I’m trying to think like a psychic. How to think like a psychic? I have no idea, but here how I think:

When something weird is happening, I’m thinking that it may be somehow related to psychics. If there is some interesting article in science magazine about research on telepathy, I’m reading it. When I find some informations about psychics, I’m reading them. When I encounter some problem, I’m thinking how psychic should solve it. When I meet someone, I’m trying to learn what this person is thinking. Also one of “think like a psychic” elements is writing a blog :). By reading my entries, you’re learning how I’m thinking (I’m also learning it by reading previous entries).

But I’m not here to give advices how psychics should think. I’m saying that psychics need to think like psychics to be psychics. You’re still with me? Hah, good for you… Ok, till the next time – remember, think like a psychic.

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