A Guide to Visualization

Visualization is a crucial element of psychics practice, but it is used also in many different aspects of our lives. It was used during Apollo Space Program to train astronauts, sportsmans are using it during competitions, businessman’s are using it to achieve their goals.

Defining a term

But what is visualization? Close your eyes and try to see, for example, an orange (this fruit, not color) – do it right now. You see it? Good, you have visualized an orange. This was simple, right? Basically, visualization is a process when you are imagining something – an object, a person, an event – anything.

Basic informations

Next thing you should know is that there many different levels of visualization – you can “just” see your orange, but you can also smell it, touch it or taste it. Everything depends on how strong you can visualize. There is an interesting aspect of this process – you see, your mind can’t recognise if you are just visualising an orange, or having it in front of you on your table for real. There were many experiments, in which sportsmans were visualising themselves during a race – and their organisms were acting like they were racing for real. So if you’re visualising something, your mind think it’s real.

It’s all the same in psychics – if you’re visualising a psiball for example, your mind is thinking this energy ball is real. Of course, you might say “maybe I’m lying to myself?”. Maybe – but then how could you explain psiballs affecting electronic equipment, moving thinks using psychokinesis or reading other’s minds? Because all of this is real – when your mind is thinking it’s real – it will be – for real…

How to use this “ability”

Let’s do a quick exercise. Keep your eyes open. Now, DO NOT think about your kitchen, do not think about your fridge in your kitchen, do not think about all this stuff in your fridge, do not… whoh, wait a minute – you saw your kitchen? And you saw your fridge? Oh my, I’m getting hungry… As you can see, you can not “not use” this ability, it’s a natural part of your mind – you are visualising everything all over the time. Yet you can improve this ability simple by practising – visualize your kitchen again, try to smell dinner, try to hear voices, try to open the fridge, touch your glorious collection of knives… whoh, too much.

Visualize everything and everywhere – you will get better and better with practice – and believe me, simple imagining things is nothing yet…

When to use visualization

Everyday – in the morning, visualize what you’re going to do this day. When going to school, visualize good marks. On the golf field visualize a perfect hit. Use this ability everywhere in everything. And of course – use it in psychics…

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